U.K Friend!

An English friend, Mr.Fred. 
The man who loves the motorcycle of YAMAHA.
It is said that RD500 is special even of that.

RD500 was sold as RZV500R in Japan. 
(A difference in RD and RZ is introduced in his homepage.) 
It is the monster motorcycle which it can't think about nowadays. 
Anyway, 2 stroke V4 engine. 
Those specifications are marvelous though I have never been ride. 

Really, "Public road Grand Prix machine" 

You who had interest are to try to visit his homepage by all means. 

He is the man whose international sense is very expressive. 
It is being expected as an interchange ambassador in England and Japan from this as well!

This clay is Fred put on RD500. 
Though it was terribly smart, his helmet was terribly terribly terribly difficult !
Is such a result all right for Fred?  



December 27, 2003. It had the photograph of the bottom from Mr. Fred !!
My ClayRider is on what and RD500 of Fred! ! 
It is terrific !!
Thank you. Fred !!!