Barry Sheene modoki

The second work 

One year passes more in several months from the day when great Rider was lost. The hero of the English motor cycle world, Barry Sheene. 

"The racing number 7" which could be said as his pronoun as well in the various events held last year was seen. It is renewed, and it is understood how he was great. Rossi had a flag and did wining run. The thing I don't know him on time is a little sad. 

Reigned as the ace of Suzuki. Though 1980 - 1982 were on Yamaha.

So, it tried to make Barry Sheene in 1980 clay this time. It is worried about whether it isn't laughed at by an English friends ........ 

How is it for the tea cake of coffee?




The next pic were from English friend pocket-rocket. 

Thank you!