GUN BOY modoki

Gun Koma

A start in 2004, as for exhibiting it, GUNBOY. Won't you be a considerable big name between the 30th motorcycle fan in Japanese? 

It is the Japanese who acquired the title of GP500. It is the hero of the Japanese comics of "Baribari Densetsu". It is the work of "Shuichi Sigeno". 

It is wonderful comics as much as tears appear even if it is read how many times again. 

From the pass, to the circuit. Then, from whole Japan, to the world. I think that the present Japanese motorcycle race world may be the figure which it may begin to lose sight of and which it should be. 

Try to read it by all means once. It is recommended.

From "74nogonbe" .

It is Shigeno, a great Japanese cartoonist.

Thank you very much !!