Keiichi Kitagawa "modoki"

JSB Champion !

Congratulations on 2003 whole Japanese road racing championship JSB class champion acquisition! 

The last champion of a TT-F1 class,  Kitagawa were really strong this year. The victory of five times in the all 8 battle. Really overwhelming strength. It was active in Suzuka eight hours as well where it participated in the pairs with Fujiwara. This year was really Kitagawa's age. 

The JSB class which manufacturer participation was stopped from. A machine is near almost normally, and each team can say equal condition. It becomes the ability of Rider reflects it on the result directly. 
Having considerable pressure is considered.
The victory of five times under such conditions is a great success. 

The strength of Kitagawa & KENZ seems still to last! 

In contrast, with such a heroic Riding ,A person in typical Kyoto where it was comfortable when it got off a motorcycle. It is an attractive human being. 

The materials of this ClayRider were abundant. Anyway, because it is a champion. Though it was very much drawn to the details, it can't be seen in the little photograph by the example. However, is that feeling supposed to be conveyed@??

It is my ClayRider delivered to the said person. It is most happy.

It seemed that it could have it glad terribly. Mr. Kitagawa is a good person! !


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