Satoshi Tsujimoto modoki

The second production.

YOSHIMURA the 50th anniversary. Kevin Schwantz visiting Japan. SUZUKI SUZUKI SUZUKI ..........Clay Rider are all SUZUKI recently.  This time is the appearance of Satoshi Tsujimoto again. 

For 1986 years, Tsujimoto whom it competed for with American Top Riders in Daytona, was very very strong in Japan. He broke his ankle in April. Then, it won under the condition that a foot wasn't recovered fully too easily Suzuka 200km race.

Then Suzuka 8H with Kevin. It is the place where about one-hour half from the race start passed, machine trouble occurrence. A position was dropped from No.3 to No.21 !! But, after that, wonderful running of Tsujimoto begins. Then, because it won a prize 3 prizes, the racing number 12 which turned on blue headlights in darkness was worn.

So Cool .

This Clay has Blue headlights ....hahahaha.