*** mini Nobuyuki Wakai ***@>>{

mini Nobuyuki Wakai

From 1991 to 1993,
He opened the door to WGP.
His activity built foundation active
of the Japanese in the world.

He called "Flamingo".

There are a lot of stories related to
his helmet.

WGP selection race in Japan in
February, 1991.
His helmet gradually became Unique.

Checkers design entered the helmet
after having acquired
the WGP participation right.

The flare pattern of the rose pink moulded "F" of the alphabet.

The flamingo of the image character was an idea that he had brought in.

Yearned for his activity and character,
the request of the sale of the replica of
his helmet was strong from Europe.

It had a hard time very much though
SHOEI mass-produced this
super-unique design.

This work
Wakai in the Team MOTOBUM
of 92 years was made a motif.

Reproducing a cool riding style that
handles long hands and feet well
stimulates my clay spirit
through all eternity.


Clay Riders