Barry Sheene modoki

The Knight !

1976, 77-year WGP 500cc champion, Rider of the legend. A racing number keeps sticking. "7" Even if it becomes a champion. "7" The permanent missing number Shuwantz (racing number 34) of the rest is to take his advice, too. 

Miraculous safe return was fulfilled from Daytona in 75, Silverstone in 82 and the super-high-speed accident of 2 times, and called "Metal Micky". 

In the interview after the race, cigarette (sponsor). The reception of including wit. Handsome man, Offensive riding , The character which a medium carrier has very much , He liked a race more than what, and it is said that kept riding on the motorcycle as a racer until his death. 

It did the movement of enhancing the safety of the race actively to appeal to it for the race boycott in the dangerous course, and the person who has rendered distinguished service made to recognize 2 circle race as a sport closed a life in the 52-year-old youth on March 10, 2003 due to the cancer

About this Clay Rider , I did my best anyway to become Cool. So that it may not seem that Donald Dack of the helmet is crushed over and again and it may not say ! Please !!