*** mini Daijiro Kato ***@>>{

Daijiro Kato in 1999

All Japan RoadRace Championship 250cc

in 1997, Daijiro got the Year's Title
starting with team HONDA.

in 1998, The New Bike made him unwilling

in 1999, A lot of wins needs to him
going for GRAND PRIX.

Naoki Matsudo at Team YAMAHA,
Daijiro Kato at Team HONDA,
a man-to-man fight

Naoki Matsudo got the Title,
because of the previous year's ranking
was higher than Daijiro Kato's rank
in a rule at that time.

However, the riding with powerful
second-half race was admitted,
and he flapped to
WGP of the wish in 2000.

I think that the experience at that time
did various challenges while suffering
made him greatly take an active part in


this mini Daijiro is...

mini DAIJIRO in 1999 ALL JAPAN.

Number 100.

Clay Riders