Eddie Lawson "modoki"

Steady-Eddie !!

It was finally completed. 
The world title of GP500 was acquired with 84, 86, 88 years in Yamaha. 3 times, and then it transferred to Honda with what for 89 years next year and suddenly, and a title was acquired again. It is terrible. 

The theory side Rider that the ace of Yamaha Corp. was succeeded to from "King Kenny". I think that it was complete shape in the race tactics. It isn't limited to one race, and there is philosophy to pass through the season, and the most suitable adjustment to turn to the finals dispassionately is made in the preliminary without aiming at a pole. Then, it surely exceeds preliminary time with the met finals race. Impossibility leaves the best result with the machine which never had it and which was completed at that time. A person called him who was always calm "Steady Eddie". 

However, it is said to him of its later years that it was a little wrong. It transferred to Cagiva which fighting power was not in, and it was developed eagerly to quicken a slow machine with knowing that him fighting hard for 91 years. Anyway the running of the attack was set from the preliminary. Then, it became the apex of the honor platform with the machine of Cagiva in Hungary GP in 92, and it was reduced, and he retired. I like such a Lawson that it was lively.