October 23. The first day of Kevin Schwantz Riding School was held in Japan for the first time. Exactly at that time, a breast was made to jump in the expectation, and I was in the Shinkansen. 

As a matter of fact, it lets me meet Kevin and Tsujimoto by favor of Masaru Mizutani. I jumped on the Shinkansen in the wonderful situation which couldn't be believed. My latest work ,2004 Suzuka 8H specifications Kasaru Mizutani is carried secretly in the bag for !!

Waiting is the lobby of ground hotel Hamamatsu. Nobuko Toyoshima of the team MUR  representative came here for me. I had the explanation which was various in advance told with Mr. Shirahata and Mr. Mori of the same public information project room .

The sound of the motorcycle has been able to be heard one after another in front of the hotel since it spoke for about one hour. It heard that Mr./Ms. Mizutani had everyone of the taking lecture student of Riding School guided from the course to the hotel. 

Excitement rose when it thought that it could meet him soon. 

Mr. Mizutani appeared. He walked in the big thigh, and put a jacket on the sofa. "Hi Mr.Mizutani, It meets for the first time." and I greeted it. When he is light and returns an answer, and He was called in a loud voice,"Hey Kevin ! Kevin !!" and "HeyHey Tuji Tujiiiii !!!!" 

If it was considerate, the neighborhood of me was terrific. 

Kevin Schwantz, Satoshi Tujimoto, Masaru Mizutani, and Mr.Yokouti !!!!! They were there. 

Mr./Ms. Mizutani introduced me to everyone. It seemed that it spoke in advance, ... of the clay .... 

My Clay Rider was given to Kevin Schwantz, and it shook hands. He is playing with Clay !! I hand over Clay to Satoshi Tsujimoto next time. "Wooo this is cute."he says. "For sale???" "No. not for sale." "Why ? " , "For my own interest...." .

Mr. Yokouchi watching it in the side called me. 「 You are a terrific good hobby. It is terribly detailed, and it can be done well. 」 It is highly praised. Anyway, it was as much as possible to say that thank you. 

It is forgotten to advertise my homepage put away, too. 

The latest Clay could be given to him in the room of Mr. Mizutani. 

After that, Mr./Ms. Mizutani is arranging his two bodies of clay in the lobby of the hotel again. 

Kevin and  Tujimoto gather again, and it is speaking. "Is this clay good ?""This one is good riding form and ....""this one is ...."

It was really a time like a dream !!!!!!

My dream was satisfied like this. 

Everyone it let me enjoy it with the story which was interesting from beginning to end was really grateful. 

Then, thank you very very very much for putting a feeling of my maximum class !! into Mr. Masaru Mizutani who gave me a wonderful opportunity like this time.