Shinichi Ito


Ito, player, who became the ace of Honda with the active race. The title of the whole Japanese 500cc class is acquired in 1990. A full entry is fulfilled in a GP 1 class of the highest peaks of the world from 1993. 

Met the sixth battle Germany GP. He acquires a pole position in the preliminary. Then, it caught up with it, and caught up with the top group of the latter half violent waves of the thing which was late for the first half, and it was plucked, and one corner of the honor platform was taken with the race. It was a thing in Czech GP since Taira for 1987 years that a Japanese went up the honor platform with 500. He accomplishes extreme high-speed 320km /h (200 miles) until the then with this race to the splendid feat that it is recorded more. 

It enters him in a JSB 1000 classes this year. He is great rider that many races are animated in the passion which doesn't change. 


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