Tadashi Oshima"modoki"


Any motorcycle is managed, The artisan of the running ,Tadashi Oshima !!!The 2nd prize was won with the wonderful riding technique  in 89 years, 90 years and Suzuka 8 hours. He was loved in the personality which was full of the postures which enjoyed a race daringly from the neighborhood. A generous character is probably heredity from mother certainly. 

The skill that a front wheel is lifted and it runs is better than anyone. It runs with wheelee from the end of main straight at Suzuka circuit to the end. Even a wheelchair... !!  Various heroic episodes seem that be. I wanted to try to see that figure once. 

On August 29, 99, with a Motegi 7-hour durable race, it passes away due to the turnover accident during the race, age at death 35 years old. It prays mercy from the heart. The one that it wanted to meet him, mother's store "TarBou" are to go. Wonderful mother welcomes it! (Confirm a place at her site.) 

This ClayRider made Mr. Ooshima of the team BlueFox a motif. It was impossible though in fact it wanted Wheelee done. It is natural!


Though it was regretted, "
TarBou" came to close in January end, 2004. It was a really wonderful store. Let's expect mother's future activities! Thank you for your trouble! 

This was being exhibited in "TarBou"" that mother of Mr. Ooshima was managed.  
I am very happy because it was being exhibited beautifully. 

This image from HIDE. Thank you very much !