Nobuyuki Wakai modoki


Long limbs are folded, and a little motorcycle is swung. Aggressive rider Nobuyuki Wakai.For 1991 years, Wakai, Sakata, Ueda, Privaters of 3 people made one's debut in WGP125. Their terrific activity was recognized as "a new wave from Japan" by the world, and the environment of Japanese itself in paddock of GP varied according to it. 

Then, it is not an exaggeration even if it spreads to the policy change (93 Ito, Okada's, Harada's Factory participation ) of Factory team and it is said that they built it up about the age when a Japanese jumps into the world one after another. 

It is a famous story that it seems to say without being in the world GP at all before the participation in WGP two people (Sakata & Harada who acquired the world title in the rest)  the activity of this member who wrote it are needless to say. Two world champions were not born if Wakai didn't record it on "The world is good." and them when two good friends were not Wakai. EEE It is one of the slight miracles which he caused. 

A cheerful honest good young man became the popular person of paddock, and then Wakai's special talent was a well-known thing in when. After the season completion in 92, in 250cc, step up. It was decided that he was ride on factory machine RGV- of SUZUKI with belonging to a private time, team. But, an accident happened to him that all was smooth during the fourth battle Spain GP preliminary. He who pushed the best in the middle of that accident of the contents which can't be believed very much and who did saved a life of one person miraculously, and became the person who didn't come back personally. 

It is rider which isn't forgotten. 

ClayRider is Mr. Wakai of the lucky strike RGV- that it was ride on 250 by the spot for 92 years.